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Tips On Selecting A Mouthpiece

Tip openings, tone chambers, types of materials, length of lay etc., are very important in the playability of any mouthpiece. However, the most important consideration is how it plays for you!

The complete line of BEECHLER and ARB mouthpieces offers an almost unlimited selection and variation to provide any player, from the beginning student to the discriminating professional, a comprehensive range of playability and response to suit any embouchure or musical style.


The BLACK MATERIAL used for the manufacture of the DIAMONDS is a sturdy combination of traditional hard rubber and new age plastics
designed to utilize the full dynamic range of the instrument.

The WHITE MATERIAL used to manufacture the TONALEX mouthpieces is a subtle blend of vibrant synthetic materials designed to favor the softer singing quality of the instrument.

The HARD RUBBER used in the manufacture of the BEECHLER is a high density vulcanized rubber designed to promote the fundamental sound of the instrument.

The METAL BEECHLER BELLITE and ARB METAL mouthpieces are cast in the stainless steel designed to enhance the power of the instrument.

Remlé Musical Products has been using the "Lost Wax" method of casting to produce these metal mouthpieces for over 50 years. The hardness this metal provides an ultra fast response time to bring out the brilliance of the overtone series.

The BEECHLER GOLD mouthpieces are cast in silicone bronze and then plated with 14 karat gold.


Beechler Diamond mouthpieces for Alto and Tenor are available in three bore sizes.

Small Bore

The design of this bore enhances the higher frequencies of the instrument. The medium high baffle induces a fast air column which generates a powerful and brilliant sound rich in overtones. The embouchure can be shaped to favor the highs, creating an intense buzzing sound, or shaped to favor the lows, creating a mellow and vibrant sound. The flexibility of this chamber allows a player to: easily blend with other instruments, including brass, play lead over a section of other saxophones, or solo over a full band or combo.

Medium Bore

The design of this bore favors the medium high frequencies of the instrument. The open style baffle induces a medium fast air column which reduces the available power and brilliance giving a subtle flavor to the sound while maintaining an ease of projection. This chamber is suitable for saxophone sections or soloing with a combo.

Large Bore

The design of this bore favors the low to medium high frequencies of the instrument. This style of baffle induces a moderate air speed which lends itself to producing a dark sound suitable for close-miked or classical situations.
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